Stephanie Roper Tooth Fairy & Co

Stephanie Roper

Oral Health Therapist

Stephanie Roper is the founding owner and driving force behind Tooth Fairy & Co, where she has carved a highly successful niche providing dentistry with a difference to clients young and old in South East Queensland.

She is the founder of Tooth Fairy & Co, and was the first Oral Health Therapist to own her own dental practice in Queensland, opening her doors in 2004. She has been working with children for over 25 years and is fondly known to many as “The Tooth Fairy.”

In 2013, Stephanie was named as a finalist in the Telstra Women’s Business Awards and was named in YWCA’s Queensland 125 Leading Women. In 2015, she was a finalist in the nationally acclaimed St George Bank Ausmumpreneur Awards, coming 2nd out of a field of 10 female business owners and entrepreneurs. The following year Stephanie was invited to speak at the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene 2016 in Basel, Switzerland.

Stephanie’s innovations in service delivery have been a key to transforming her dental practice and providing services to over 30,000 patients. Her innovations in service delivery include the unique “Tooth Fairy Service” for children (available to children 0 – 18 years) and the “Tranquil Room“ for anxious and dental phobic adults.

In 2004, Stephanie developed an educational health program aimed at school and kindergarten aged children. It teaches children about healthy food choices, and the importance of caring for their teeth and bodies. The program has been running through out South East Queensland for over 12 years, is fully accredited by Education Queensland. In 2010 Stephanie authored a children’s book entitled “The Tooth Fairy as it has never ever been told” and in 2013 created a Children’s App entitled “TFI Tooth Fairy” designed to help children enjoy brushing their teeth with the Tooth Fairy as well as giving them rewards, tips, songs and games.

Stephanie is a dynamic and innovative businesswoman with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Her vision and commitment to her industry is unwavering as she boldly strives to improve the way dentistry is delivered for people young and old. She has been highly influential in changing the way dentistry is perceived within South East Queensland and through innovative service delivery has helped thousands of people overcome their dental fears and anxieties which had previously been a barrier to maintaining good dental health.


Oral Health Therapy (QUT)

Speaking Engagements

International Symposium of Dental Hygiene
Basel, Switzerland (23rd June to 25 June 2016)
Guest Speaker

2009 – 2013
Griffith University
Lecturing final year Dental / Oral Health Therapy Students
Role model, mentor, coach to new Graduates

NSW Dental Therapists Conference Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker at various Schools and Childcare Centres
Oral Health Education

Awards and Recognition

St George Bank Ausmumpreneur Awards
2nd in Ausmumpreneur of the Year Category

YWCA QLD Leading Ladies
Named in top 125 Leading QLD Ladies

Telstra Business Women’s Awards
Queensland Finalist in Business Owner category

Women Making a Difference
Redland City
Redland Women’s Information Network
Business and Professional Award

Redland’s Business Achievement Awards
Redland Chamber of Commerce

  • Induction into the Hall of Excellence (Entrepreneur and Innovation)
  • Best Business Award
  • Excellence in Health Care and Social Assistance Award
  • Best Employer Award

Redland’s Business Achievement Awards
Redlands Chamber of Commerce

  • Entrepreneur and Innovation Award
  • Professional Services Award

Redland’s Business Achievement Awards
Redlands Chamber of Commerce

  • Women in Business Award
  • Entrepreneur and Innovation Award
  • People’s Choice Award

Redland’s Business Achievement Awards
Redlands Chamber of Commerce

  • Entrepreneur and Innovation Award
  • Best Boss Award
  • People’s Choice