Dr Michael Whyte – Visiting Orthodontist

Many conditions are treatable by non-orthodontic means, check with your dentist who can perform a full diagnostic assessment and determine if you will benefit from teeth straightening.

It is possible your dentist will be trained to provide these services, but they may also decide you could benefit from a referral to a specialist orthodontist.  Specialist Orthodontic work is available at Tooth Fairy & Co.

Teeth straightening can make a significant difference to problems caused by misaligned teeth.

Teeth Straightening

Using corrective items like braces and plates, your dentist or orthodontist (specialist) will line up your teeth within your jaw so you not only look better but may have more efficient use of the affected teeth. Once considered unsightly, braces, a key part of teeth straightening, are now much less noticeable than they have been in the past.

Clear Correct

Clear Correct, (like Invisalign), is a system for correcting crowded teeth utilising clear aligners(retainers) which are comfortable, removable, and nearly invisible. Most people don’t notice you are even wearing your aligners. The aligners are easily removed to eat and to brush your teeth so you don’t have to change your diet or oral hygiene routine as you may need to do when wearing braces. You can smile confidently with virtually no impact on your daily routine.